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Night of Healing Testimony

Good evening Evangelist Marian. I bless God for your life; thank you for availing yourself to be used by God in a time and season like this. I am giving this testimony to silence/shame the devil and his agents of darkness.

I have been experiencing this tightness on the left side of my chest for almost a week; yesterday it got worse and I had to lie down on my couch all day supporting my hand under my left breast to help contain the pain: I was looking forward to Night of healing as you can see; I texted to find out what time it was going to start.

During the prayer you instructed us to place our hands wherever we needed healing; my hand was already placed under my left breast because of the pain but this time I pressed on harder: eventually, you mentioned chest pain about 3x; immediately my pain disappeared; "GLORY " I am pain free and stronger than before. Glory be to God - My healer.