About Us



Jesus Is Lord Crusades, or JILC is an independent interdenominational evangelistic ministry unaffiliated to any church. Jesus Is Lord Crusades was established in 2012, in Maryland, U.S.A under United States Incorporation Laws and holds a  501(c)(3) non-for profit certification.


The vision of the ministry is to build the body of Christ worldwide by winning new believers who will worship and become true disciples within existing churches, and by the encouragement of existing churches in evangelism.


The call of God for our team is primarily evangelism. Our heart is to win souls, by whichever means we can. We preach the full gospel of salvation, healing, deliverance and the baptism (or infilling) of the Holy Spirit.


Our missions are geared towards meeting the spiritual, physical and medical needs of our host cities and this is achieved with the support of our registered partners and donations from other well-wishers. "A vision is like a vessel that God gives; we fill it, but He fulfills it. We follow Jesus".