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Crusade Report

To God be all the glory.  61 souls won into the kingdom and many lives transformed through the word. What we saw in Namibia was a hunger for God. Many of the people had at one point given their life to Jesus yet still trapped in sin and needed the Spirit of God. 

What a joy it was for me to lead many to receive the Holy Spirit Baptism  and  to accept how much they are loved by God. Afterwards, I prayed for the sick, many miracles took place but this one is my favorite.

Many testified of various kinds of pain vanishing from their bodies, deaf ear opened, neck injury healed, various pain in stomach healed etc. The holy Spirit ministered to me about a young woman abused sexually who needed to be healed and to forgive her abuser. I could not allow her to come to the front due to privacy.

She came to me after the service and cried as in how her uncle had abused her since she was little. No family member believed her when she told her story. But during the service she felt the touch of God and somehow the bitterness in her is gone; her words...Mama I feel free and he is out of my heart forever.

There is so much more to tell you, but please know that God is moving in wonderful ways – that your prayers and support are paying eternal dividends. Thank you – and please continue to pray for us.


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Wonderful Photos from Namibia.

Dear Friend,

The Bible describes one of the most remarkable spiritual confrontations in history: Elijah’s encounter with Baal’s priests. Even for us  today, this account is very dramatic to read. But what was Elijah really after? His heart’s desire was for people to return to the one true God. To God be all the glory for the souls (812) He has drawn unto Himself during last week's crusade in Kete Krachi, Ghana. 

The same thing that motivated Elijah also motivates us. People need to see that Jesus is the true God. We want to lead them to Him! That is exactly why we, the JILC team, preach the Gospel unashamedly, boldly and with everything inside of us. We truly expect amazing things to happen in the coming months and years.  The Kete Krachi Crusade was filled with many challenges and obstacles, but the Lord gave us victory after victory. Thank you for standing with us so faithfully in prayer. We are shoulder-to-shoulder in this harvest.

Would you consider supporting us monthly towards the Gospel Crusades. Our monthly partners help us to plan our crusades ahead of time. This year we are looking at purchasing our own Crusade equipment.  The cost of rental digs deep into our budget and with the crowds increasing per crusades it's time to invest in our own. We need your help to make this happen.