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Have you ever allowed fear to overtake you?

Have you ever allowed fear to overtake you?

Jesus Calms The Storm

Jesus and his disciples sailed one evening on a small boat across the Sea of Galilee, the equivalent of a large lake. Since it was late, Jesus went to the back of the boat to sleep. Suddenly, a furious storm came without warning, causing winds and waves to rock the boat and seemingly sink it.  Matthew 8:23-27

In desperation, the disciples woke up Jesus, fearing they would drown. Upon waking up, Jesus said, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then, he rebuked the wind and the waves. Suddenly, all was calm.

Healing from any disease, cancer or illness is scary. It’s the scary storm in our lives that feels like it will drown us. Sometimes these illnesses come out of nowhere threatening our health and lives. It’s only natural to be frightened, just like the disciples were fearful.  

However scary the storm, the key to this story is Jesus. He was right there with them before the storm came, during the raging waters, and afterwards when He calmed the storm. With Jesus on our boat, we have the Maker of the heavens and earth who can heal any disease and calm any storm. If the storm rages, Jesus’ rest is available to us in the midst of the storm. Do we trust Him to do that?



1. Have you ever allowed fear to overtake you?

2. If the disciples were operating in a spirit of faith instead of fear, how might this story look different?

3. How can you live in faith instead of fear while you are healing?


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