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Marian Asamoah-Anim

Evangelist Marian Asamoah-Anim is known for her passion in the area of soul winning. Marian is the vision bearer of Jesus is Lord Crusades. She is an ordained Evangelist called by God to serve her generation in the area of Evangelism. She is known for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Passion and believes that all men must be reconciled back to the Father (God Almighty).

By the Grace of God, she is on a mission to fulfill the assignment of the great commission and to make sure that many come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Preaching the Gospel has taken her around the world. The majority of her ministry is focused on various areas of the Gospel, Healing, Deliverance and Making Disciples of Jesus Christ.

Evangelist Marian Asamoah-Anim is not a pastor and does not lead any church. The vision of the team is to build the body of Christ worldwide by winning new believers who will worship and become true disciples within existing churches, and by the encouragement of existing churches in evangelism. A vision is like a vessel that God gives; we fill it, but He fulfills it. We follow Jesus!

Marian believes that, like the Samaritan Woman at the well, each one should encounter Jesus and be changed by Him only. Marian conducts domestic conferences in the U.S.A called, "The Heart of Jesus conference". As a ministry, we believe in the Holy Spirit and the fullness of His power unto manifestation.

These Conferences are tailored for Believers who are struggling to share their faith and are in need of tools and strategies to assist them in doing so effectively. Pulling her background in Business Organizational Management, Marian is able to coordinates the efforts of all God’s children to accomplish His mission with ease. A graduate of the Reinhard Bonnke School of Evangelism and the International School of Ministry.

She is the host of the Christian show, "Back to Basics" which stresses on simplicity and adherence to the fundamental true principles of Christianity. This back to basics approach, she believes will help bring clarity and a clear understanding to those living complicated lives and provide solutions to the ABC-D’s of lives issues through Jesus Christ. 

She is a worshiper, a wife, a mother to two wonderful boys and a proud member of the Agape Life Ministries.